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Deicing Rock Salt

  • £956

25KG Bag


Salt is the most widely used de-icing agent for road maintenance in Europe and is used for:


Anti-icing: This refers to the application of pre-wetted salt or brine to enhance the grip between tyres and the road surface.

De-icing: This applies to the application of dry salt or pre-wetted salt. Depending on the sort of salt used, it is usually heated or diluted. In melting snow, de-icing salt is the most efficient agent as long as the pavement temperature isn’t below -18°C.

Salt is considered the best de-icer due to its properties. It has the power to lower the freezing point of water and therefore prevents a bond between ice and road surfaces.


Salt is also:

- Easy to spread and store

- The least expensive and most efficient deicer on the market

- Readily available in large quantities for people worldwide.


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