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Himalayan Pink Salt | Fine

  • £499

FCC Food/Cosmetic Grade | 100% Natural | Fine

Himalayan Salt, has originated from the Himalayan Mountains over 250 million years ago which means it is incredibly pure. The difference between Himalayan Salt and Rock Salt is that Rock Salts come from the seas and oceans, which sadly are becoming more and more polluted, and thus the salt is not as pure as it may once have been. Himalayan salt, due to its origins of being formed so very long ago means that it was formed before pollution, and has been ‘preserved’ far away from pollution so remains remarkably pure. Himalayan salt contains over 80 minerals, including Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium, which are essential to human life. 
Magnesium Content
Soothes and repairs damaged skin
Anti allergens that protect the skin from rashes caused by allergies
Penetrates skin for a soothing effect on the nervous system
Muscle Relaxation
Calcium Content
Benefits include cell renewal
Helps regulation of lipid barrier function
Is an anti oxidant to help protect from DNA damage
Potassium Content
Helps muscles to keep their control over the body
Helps with the growth of new cells
Helps reduce stress / anxiety
Reduces risk of high blood pressure
100% Pure, Natural Himalayan Pink Salt (FCC Food Grade)


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