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Deionised Water

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Deionised Water 

What is Deionised Water? 

High Purity De-Ionised Water using our 'Ion Exchange Resin Bed Technology' plant producing water typically tested at less than 1 µS/cm conductivity passed through a 1 micron filter. Synonyms of De-Ionised Water include DI Water, Deionised Water, Di ionised Water, De ionized Water, Deionized Water, De-ionized Water, Demineralised Water and Purified Water.
We use the following method to produce our pure deionised water. Mains water enters our building and the first phase of the water purification process is an organic trap, where a special resin removes most of the organic matter. Next, the water passes through a twin-bed deioniser, where one anionic tank removes the cat ions whilst the other cationic tank removes the An ions.  By now, the maximum level of impurities in the water is 10 µS/cm, already much lower than traditional distilled water: it is typically much lower – around 1 µS/cm. 

To further reduce impurities, the water is then passed through a mixed bed resin, where impurities are reduced to < 1 µS/cm.

 Finally, the water moves through a 1 micron filter. After the final stage, the water is "Deionised"

What is it used for? 
Ideal for use in Irons, Batteries, Coolant/Anti-Freeze, Windscreen Wash and many more applications


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